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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Product Highlight: Pioneer Pro DJ XDJ-RX DJ System

Pioneer Pro DJ XDJ-RX on Amazon:
Reviewed by Stephan Arturo

An absolutely mindblowing deck — it gets no better for the money! (Have a look on Amazon: This is an all-in-one DJ console, meaning you do NOT need a laptop to get the party started. Just insert your tracks via the two USB ports and the rest is magic. The XDJ-RX is perfect for both the beginner transitioning into an intermediate level of DJ-ing to the master turntablist alike.

What I find most attractive is the fact that this is truly an all-in-one unit. In today's economy, it is hard enough to save up enough money for a decent laptop to carry you through your setlist, never mind the actual DJ gear to make it all possible. The XDJ-RX addresses this need and solves it with the high-quality alacrity that only a name brand like Pioneer can provide. That being said, for the purists out there, the ability to link the RX to your laptop is possible although I have not personally had the chance to give it a go. And I am perfectly okay with that, as the USB storage feature has fared me well thus far.

The mixing features are pretty standard: you have your filters, effects plugs, midi control buttons, and of course very fluid turntables. The LCD display could, in my opinion, benefit from being slightly larger. The track navigation feature pissed me off quite a bit as I found myself scrolling through my songs to reach the one I wanted, finding myself thinking this method seems a bit "dated."
If I were Pioneer, I would certainly take the LCD screen feature to the next level and include more in depth navigational functions to make transitions more fluid and user-friendly, like perhaps including a touchscreen scroll feature. This would have undoubtedly eased my experience in the song navigation department. That said, navigation itself works perfectly fine, so if you don't mind pushing arrow buttons you probably won't get as peeved about this as I did. Overall, not a deal-breaker for me, just a little annoying.

You can connect additional turn tables which I understand is a huge plus for the purist vinyl DJs out there. I couldn't care less about this personally, but I know that many of you will appreciate this option.

Overall reaction: this thing rules. Like, really. I love it to pieces and I am very happy with the ease at which all components and features come together to bring you one SWEET powerhouse for a fraction of what you would pay for the additional gear you would otherwise need if you went the traditional route. The all-in-one Pioneer XDJ-RX controller is absolutely fantastic for the price. I highly recommend it to beginners and pros alike.


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